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Graphic Design

High Quality Graphic Design for Your Web and Software Needs.

Your company brand is so much more than your logo and company name. Your brand is your visual identification with the world. It’s your opportunity to emotionally connect with your audience. Your brand represents your personality and vision. So its important to create software that stands out in the crowd.

Our Software Design Strategy Development Includes:

•Research Target Market
•Competitive Analysis
•Buyer Personal Development
•Business and Marketing Goals
•Brand Positioning
•Messaging Strategy
•Name, URL and Social Handles
•Logo and Tagline
•Design Fonts and Colors
•Image and Video Aesthetic

Branding is all about you and your company. In order for our team to capture the real you and provide you with a brand design that you’re proud of, we have developed a process that is backed by years of research and experience.


We love this part! We get to know you, your likes and dislikes, your company history, your mission, your products and services, your ideas, your mission and your goals. Once we have collected the initial information we do a deep dive into your competition, marketplace and target buyers. Understanding these elements is crucial to developing a brand strategy that lasts.


Utilizing the collected data, we will develop your first logo design. Our expert team will use their training and knowledge to generate a logo with a symbol, fonts and colors that speak to your audience and represent your brand personality. Once our internal creative team is happy with the first round, we will deliver it to you for review. Most logos go through 2-3 revisions before we get it just right.


The logo is only one part of the visual brand. Generally the logo is the brand name and a symbol or interesting font. However, often times the brand name doesn’t represent the brand offering in its entirety. This is where a tagline comes in. The tagline can help explain the service offering, summarize the company mission or evoke an emotional response. Our creative team will work with you on a tagline that will help make your brand stand out from the competition.


Once the research is complete, the logo is designed and the tagline is developed, we will finalize and deliver your company brand style guide. This guide contains the approved: logo variations for print and digital marketing use, logo and complimentary brand colors, logo and website fonts, photography and graphic styles to reference when developing future website and marketing materials. This brand guide will be used to ensure all future designs are in-line with the approved brand style and overall aesthetic.