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Our Team

We don’t just deliver software projects, we also help build successful business.

At NetStack, we have a team of Web Developers with excellent technical knowledge and innovative thought process to complete work with the highest quality standards to satisfy customers using various web technologies. NetStack is committed to developing any solutions web/desktop which are fully functional, customer oriented and always results driven. The NetStack team is highly talented, enthusiastic, dedicated and strives to produce the best. Our team is well balance in terms of technical, functional and domain knowledge. We are also committed to delivering the highest quality work. We keep augmenting our business, development and quality process to meet the customer’s needs. We always keep a professional approach in our business and development to give the most efficient solutions. We deliver great satisfaction and believe in (Value for Money) solutions for all of our clients.

NetStack, represents innovation and imagination and would leave no stone unturned to lead the way in cutting edge web software technology. Whether your needs are simple or complex, you would find us willing to satisfy your requests.

Last, but not the least, we as a company are not bound solely by interactive solutions. Rather, we strive to be a true business partner who would be there for you in various roles.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.


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Meet Our Software Development Team.

Martin Emrey
Martin EmreySenior Developer
With over 20 years experience in software and web development Martin is a powerhouse of knowledge. Skilled in all phases of the software development lifecycle; expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions; and fanatical about quality, usability, security and scalability.
Full Stack Software Development 100%
Graphic Design 90%
Robert Morels
Robert MorelsSenior Developer
With over 15 years experience in software and web development. Robert brings superior programming language knowledge to our team with skills in C#, JavaScript, React JS, Angular, Redux, Xamarin, ASP.Net, HTML5, CCS, WPF, JQuery, XML, PHP, MySQL. Exceptional ability to work in the following environments: Java Enterprise Edition, UNIX, Linux, and Windows.
Full Stack Software Development 100%
Networking and Communication 90%
James Walsh
James WalshSoftware Developer
James has been with out company for 6 years. James is highly skilled in developing web applications using .NET, React Native, C#, Javascript, MS SQL, PHP, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS.
.NET C Sharp 95%
React, Javascript, Html5 89%
MS SQL Server Technologies 85%
Brian Simpson
Brian SimpsonLead Technical Software Tester
Brian is responsible for testing and debugging in our final stages of development with a wealth of knowledge in networking and a algorithms, with a masters degree in mathematics, Brian has excellent skills in Java, C#, C++, Javascript, and Matlab.
Networking and a Algorithms 95%
Java, C#, C++, Javascript 90%
Steve Wilope
Steve WilopeSoftware Developer
Steve has been with our team for 8 Years and has a strong background in all programming languages incl C#, Ruby, React, Javascript, Html, CCS, Java, Python, MYSQL, Xamarin, Unity, ASP.NET.
C# , Xamarin, Unity 98%
React, Javascript, Python, MYSQL 91%
Peter Trovoli
Peter TrovoliMobile Application Developer
Peter is our iphone/android mobile application development specialist with 8 years experience on mobile application development with experience across a large array of devices and platforms, his expertise is in iphone sdk, phonegap, cocoa touch, objective c, opengl, xcode ide, Interface builder, sencha, core audio, core animation, core graphics, webkit programming, GPS & core location frameworks.
iPhone/Android Applications 95%
Application Graphic Design 90%
Alan Hunter
Alan HunterMobile Application Developer
Alan is our mobile application development debugging and testing expert with 6 years experience on mobile application development and testing with experience in large mobile application deployment across many different networks, he is highly skilled in swift, java, javascript, python and other web programming languages.
Hybrid Mobile Application Development 95%
Mobile Debugging And Testing 86%
Jeff Burke
Jeff BurkeFullstack Mobile Developer
Jeff is new to our team only being with us for 1 year but he has proven himself as a valuable part of our company delivering outstanding work, He has expertise in cross platform application development using react, xamarin, firebase, javascript, redux and many other specialty language frameworks.
React, Xamarin, Firebase, Javascript, Redux 95%
Graphic Design 86%
Jenifer Lea
Jenifer LeaAdministration and graphic Design
Jenifer is our customer relations and administrative secretary, she is also our graphic designer for our front end applications she has master degree in graphic design and is skilled in using photoshop, illustrator, 3dsmax, and many office applications.
Graphic Design 98%

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Main Office: Level 5, 51 Queen St, Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9016 3334
Email: info@netstack.com.au!

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